Clean Eating Beverages – Iced Tea

Iced TeaSince starting the clean eating lifestyle, we’ve been drinking a lot of water. Although plenty of water is beneficial for several reasons, it gets a little old after a while. We decided to purchase an iced tea maker this weekend, to allow us to expand on our beverage options.  The iced tea maker was $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. With one of their nifty $5 off coupons, we scored the iced tea maker for $16 and some change. It’s super convenient and quick to brew.

We have a plethora of green tea in our cabinet, from one of our previous health food kicks. We were on the search for the “perfect green tea”. You know…the kind that you would get at a sushi restaurant. Since we rarely drink green tea now, I thought it would be a good idea to make some iced green tea. It brewed in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, we both agreed that we prefer green tea hot, rather than cold. I dumped that batch and brewed a batch of jasmine iced tea. Much better! Looking forward to trying some new flavors as well and excited to have more beverage options readily available to us.



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